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          Welcome: Zouping Dongfang Chemical Industry Co., Ltd.
          Language: Chinese ∷  English

          About us

          Founded in 1990, Zouping Dongfang Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. is a fine chemical enterprise specializing in production and selling of water treatment chemicals and other relevant chemicals. The Company is the registered supplier of water treatment chemicals for China Petrochemical Corporation and China National Water Resources Electric Power Materials & Equipment Co., Ltd.

          The Company is located in Middle Shandong Province, with an area of 35000㎡, where key industrial town Zibo is on its east and Jinan, the capital of Shandong Province is on the west; Jiaoji railway by the south and the Yellow River by the north. The Company has a distance of 230 km to Qingdao Port, and Jinan-Qingdao Highway goes through the full territory of Zouping County. Thus, the Company enjoys a prominent geographic position and convenient traffic condition.
          Main business scope of the Company is the production, R&D and the sales service of ten series products, including water treatment chemicals, including: scale and corrosion inhibitor, dodecyl dimethyl benzyl ammonium chloride, scale inhibitor dispersant, reverse osmosis chemicals, boiler water treatment chemicals and cleaning and pretreatment filming agent, wastewater (sewage) flocculant, oilfield chemicals, etc., with more than 40 kinds of products. Possessing 5 production shops of water treatment chemical products and 1 packaging shop, the Company has an annual production capacity of 32,000 tons. Service fields of the Company involve multiple industries, including electric power, chemicals, steel and iron, fertilizer, textile & dyeing, electronic, pharmacy, smelting, oilfield, etc. In addition, the Company actively carries out wide technology communication and cooperation with dozens of the domestic famous colleges and universities and undertakes water treatment technology projects and research subjects needed by users.
          The Company is granted as the Grade A Tax-paying Credit Enterprise by the State Administration of Taxation and Grade AA Credit Enterprise by the Shandong Branch of Agricultural Bank of China and has passed the approval of ISO9001 Quality Management System and ISO14001 Environment Management System. The principal products, such as HEDP, PBTCA, ATMP, EDTMPS, DTPMP, HPMA, MA/AA, AA/AMPS, and 1227 are well sold in domestic market, and products of HEDP, ATMP, DTPMP and PBTCA and their derivative products are exported to foreign market all the year round. The high cost performance and sound quality of the products sold by the Company obtain wide praises from our clients.
          Sincerely welcome clients from both home and abroad to visit and together create a bright future!

          LATEST NEWS

          CONTACT US

          Company: Zouping Dongfang Chemical Industry Co., Ltd.

          Tel: 0543-4501076

          Fax: 0543-4502242

          Email: dongfang@sddongfang.com

          Add: Haosheng Town,Zouping County,Shandong,China

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