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          The important role of scale inhibitor in boiler water treatment

          As a tool for heating water boiler, has been used by more and more people, but with a long time will appear to scale, it will affect the boiler heating efficiency, in order to guarantee the service life and the effect of the boiler, the general will join the boiler water treatment chemicals in the boiler, these drugs can effectively prevent the deposition of corrosion and scale of boiler. Can also avoid the decrease of boiler superheated steam quality, production equipment operation, reasonable selection of water treatment chemicals, will greatly improve the service life of the boiler, but also to the company to save not a small overhead, so choose the suitable water treatment agent is to improve the service life of the boiler the ideal method for the company.
          Advantages of boiler scale inhibitor
          Boiler water treatment agent can improve the boiler water concentration, reduce boiler blowdown and also saves a lot of steam boiler water treatment agent can reduce the energy consumption, achieve energy saving, reduce operating cost.
          1. The boiler uses water treatment chemicals to reduce dissolved oxygen in water. Prevent water systems, steam and condensate systems from corroding.
          2, boiler water treatment agent can play the original surface fouling layer exfoliation and dispersion effect on furnace tube, has an inhibitory effect on the scale generation; to reduce the sediment generated form to improve the effect of heat transfer, the temperature of superheated steam and steam increase increased, and ultimately improve the economic benefits.
          3, boiler water treatment agent can not only effectively improve the quality of superheated steam, but also can reduce the content of Na ion and SiO2 in the steam. The boiler water treatment agent effectively eliminates the concentration and entrainment of the boiler water, seriously affects the quality of the steam and improves the concentration of the boiler water.
          Function of scale inhibitor in boiler:
          1, can effectively control calcium carbonate, calcium sulfate and Magnesium Oxide and other substances in the boiler fouling, affecting the effect of boiler heating.
          2, the use of phosphorus free formula, the corresponding environmental policy, so that the boiler operation process is safe, pollution-free.
          3, the water quality can be effectively adjusted, including high Zheng high magnesium, high sulfate and high silicon;
          4, the scale inhibition effect is not affected by the trivalent Fe in water.
          5, it can improve the operation recovery rate of equipment system.

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