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          How to save the use of corrosion inhibitors?

          Corrosion inhibitor is a special inhibitor by organic phosphoric acid, poly carboxylic acid, inhibitor for carbon steel and copper corrosion inhibitor compounded, chelated calcium carbonate, calcium sulfate and calcium phosphate are in good dispersion and has good corrosion inhibition effect on carbon steel, copper. Corrosion inhibitors are mainly used in industrial circulating water systems, such as power plants, steel works, chemical fertilizer plants, oil field water injection systems, etc.. Ordinary end-users use only a single drug as a corrosion inhibitor, but it is necessary to set up a special corrosion inhibitor according to the system conditions. So, how to save the use of corrosion inhibitors, the following small series for you to introduce:
          The first saving method:
          Use corrosion inhibitors according to the test parameters of water. The use of such products, if targeted for the quality of circulating water for testing, and then according to the quality of the test, the use of targeted corrosion inhibitors. In this case, a lot of unnecessary waste will be reduced. In addition, it can bring good economic benefits to customers, and all qualified customers can test the water quality with pertinence.
          Second ways of saving:
          Corrosion inhibitor. If the water does not matter much, can be blended according to the situation, blending ratio can not be too large, generally controlled within a ratio of more than 1, if blending too much, corrosion inhibitor dilution will drain, thereby reducing corrosion inhibitor function.
          The above is about the corrosion inhibitor two methods of saving, I want to through my introduction will give you some help, about scale inhibitors, we also need to know what kind of scale inhibitors and so on. As a leader in pharmaceutical technology Wright Ryder, the excellent formula and high quality raw materials and first-class production management, to provide quality products and services to customers.

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