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          Welcome: Zouping Dongfang Chemical Industry Co., Ltd.
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          There are two ways of adding corrosion and scale inhibitor for boiler. Do you know

          There are two kinds of adding methods for boiler corrosion and scale inhibitor:
          One is a boiler with a water tank or a water tank, but a boiler without a economizer. It can be directly added to the tank or pool, and the medicine is sent into the furnace with the water supply system.
          The other is to pour the medicine directly into the furnace with a dosing funnel.
          In the first 60 before dosing medicinal 70oC hot water and open, filtering, using intermittent dosing method, each at once, can also add a foot.
          Pay attention to the control of boiler water index after dosing, pH value between 10-12, total alkalinity should be 6-26mmol/L.
          At the same time, the regular discharge rate of pollutants is generally maintained at 5-10%, at least once a class, and no more than 30-60 seconds per time. If there is no change in the water level after discharge, it is necessary to check whether the old scale is off the pipeline. If pipeline blockage, measures should be taken in time.

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