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          Welcome: Zouping Dongfang Chemical Industry Co., Ltd.
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          Biocide and Algicide

          • Isothiazolinones
          • Isothiazolinones


          • Isothiazolinones
          • Isothiazolinones
          • Product description: The product is a kind of non-oxidizing bactericide with broad-spectrum, high efficiency and low toxicity.
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          The product is a kind of non-oxidizing bactericide with broad-spectrum, high efficiency and low toxicity. Its active content is isothiazolinone and its derivative mixture. It has strong penetration ability for the cell membrane of microorganism and can decompose and destroy the cell tissue. It can also disinfect and kill the common bacterium, fungus and water plant. For better effect, it can be used in conjunction with the ionic and non-ionic water treatment chemicals. After usage, it is easy to be degraded into non-toxic molecule without secondary pollution.


          It can be widely used as bactericide for industrial circulating cool water, oilfield water and the like in the industries such as oil refining, chemical industry, fertilizer, electric power and metallurgy to control the growth of microorganism effectively.

          Quality Index:



          Grade I

          Grade II


          Amber transparent liquid

          Light yellow or light green transparent liquid

          Active content %



          pH (as it)



          Density (20)g/cm3



          CMI/MI (wt %)



          Use method and dosage:

          In accordance with quality of water, the dosage of 40-80ppm will be irritative to skin and eyes so that if contacted, flush with large amount of water.


          It is packed in 25kg or 200 kg plastic drum.

          Storage way and condition

          It is normally stored in the dry and ventilated warehouse and the validity period is one year.

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          Company: Zouping Dongfang Chemical Industry Co., Ltd.

          Tel: 0543-4501076

          Fax: 0543-4502242

          Email: dongfang@sddongfang.com

          Add: Haosheng Town,Zouping County,Shandong,China

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