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          Welcome: Zouping Dongfang Chemical Industry Co., Ltd.
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          Corrosion inhibitor

          • Benzotrialole  (BTA)
          Benzotrialole  (BTA)

          Benzotrialole (BTA)

          • Benzotrialole (BTA)
          • Benzotrialole (BTA)
          • Product description: Benzotrialole (BTA)
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          Product Property:

          This product is corrosion inhibitor with relatively good efficiency of metal corrosion inhibition; its aqueous solution presents weak acidity and it is easily soluble in acetone and diethyl ether; it tastes bitter without odor.

          It may be sublimated under the condition of 98-100 and turn red gradually in the air after decomposition. It may dissociate into anions in water and form an insoluble and stable complex with copper ions.


          Benzotriazole is mainly used for corrosion inhibition of copper and its alloys and is also used as vapor phase preservative, which can be added to circulating cooling water, antifreezing agent fluid, metal working fluids, cleaning fluids and water treatment chemicals. The newly developed purpose is to be the welding cleaning agent of printed circuit board and antirust agent of the video tapes.

          Use method and dosage

          This product is separately used as corrosion inhibitor of copper with the concentration of 0.5-2.0mg/L. When built with scale and corrosion inhibitor, BTA with the content of 1-3% has the concentration of 5-15mg/L when used as prefilming agent


          It is packed in plastic woven bag with double-layer plastic bags inside; of net weight is 20kg-25kg.

          Storage method and condition:

          It is stored in dry and well-ventilated place avoiding humidity and cant bemixed with food and seeds and should be protected from rain with storage period of one year.

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